Jameel Hassan

I am graduate research student at MBZUAI, Abu Dhabi, UAE in Computer Vision. I am interested in research related to core problems in deep learning, machine learning and computer vision. I am currently working on vision-language multimodal learning and self-supervised learning for better generalization in image understanding under the supervision of Prof. Salman Khan, Prof. Fahad Khan and Dr. Muzammal Naseer as part of IVAL .

I spend my leisure time reading books, writing (Medium blog) and doing Fretwork. See my hobby works here. I enjoy playing both outdoor sports like football and basketball, and board games.

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I am primarily interested in underlying problems in deep learning, machine learning and computer vision. Currently I am working on vision-language models and self-supervised learning for better generalization for image understanding.

Previously I have worked on a cross domain research of computer vision and epidemiology to identify social distancing violations such as proximity, interactions and group behaviour using CCTV footages, and on Smart Grids to mitigate voltage violations due to PV penetration in the Low Voltage electricity grid using optimization of PV inverter powers.

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought
- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

ga_b5g To perceive or not to perceive - A lightweight human pose estimation
Github link, Report

Design of a lightweight human pose estimation model, improving the 2 stage stacked hourglass network.

ga_b5g Holistic interpretation of public scenes using computer vision and temporal graphs to identify social distancing violations
Jameel Hassan, Gihan Jayatilaka, Suren Sritharan, Roshan Godaliyadda, Parakrama Ekanayake, Vijitha Herath, Janaka Ekanayake and Samath Dharmaratne
Applied Sciences, MDPI, July 2022

Research on the design of a human-human interaction detection system to identify human interactions and provide a threat level assessment for a given environement, in the context of COVID-19. A computer vision approach is undertaken to identify and localize handshake interactions, mask wearing and group behavior amongst people. This information is then abstracted into a temporal graph and then processed to measure the threat level of the given scene and/or video.

ga_b5g A Sensitivity Matrix Approach Using Two-Stage Optimization for Voltage Regulation of LV Networks with High PV Penetration
Jameel Hassan, Umar Marikkar, Kasun Prabhath, Aranee Balachandran, Chaminda Bandara, Parakrama Ekanayake, Roshan Godaliyadda, Janaka Ekanayake
Energies, MDPI, Oct 2021

A sensitivity matrix based approach to replace Load flow calculations and a novel two-stage optimization to utilize active and reactive power from PV inverters to mitigate the voltage violation problem in the LV electricity grid due to solar PV penetration.

ga_b5g Hands Off: A Handshake Interaction Detection and Localization Model for COVID-19 Threat Control
Jameel Hassan, Gihan Jayatilaka, Suren Sritharan, Roshan Godaliyadda, Parakrama Ekanayake, Vijitha Herath, Janaka Ekanayake

Detection and localization of handshake interactions from video footage with multi-person settings using deep learning.

ga_b5g Use of Artificial Intelligence on spatio-temporal data to generate insights during COVID-19 pandemic: A Review
Gihan Jayatilaka, Jameel Hassan, Umar Marikkar, Rumali Perera, Suren Sritharan, Harshana Weligampola, Mevan Ekanayake, Roshan Godaliyadda, Parakrama Ekanayake, Vijitha Herath Dilshan Godaliyadda, Anuruddhika Rathnayake, Samath D. Dharmaratne, Janaka Ekanayake
medRxiv, 2020

Review of the use of AI techniques for spatio-temporal modeling, forecasting, and impact modeling on diverse populations as it relates to COVID-19 and its potential for future applications.

ga_b5g Modified Auto Regressive Technique for Univariate Time Series Prediction of Solar Irradiance
Umar Marikkar, Jameel Hassan, Mihitha Maithripala, Roshan Godaliyadda, Parakrama Ekanayake, Janaka Ekanayake

Novel univariate time series prediction of solar irradiance using statistical methods that match the state-of-the-art LSTM neural network method.

UOP Associate Machine Learning Engineer, Veracity AI
October 2021 - Present
UOP Volunteer Instructor, Engineering Measurements (First Year UG)- Probability and Statistics
Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya.
February 2020 - July 2020

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